Pram tips and tricks

IMG-20171231-WA0004- edit.jpg

So my pram has come along way from practising pushing it around my living room putting my large Minnie mouse in and out… yes I did that. If only I could show you the time I put the rain cover on the bassinet for the first time and was stood holding the “baby” and wondered how on earth I was suppose to put Minnie inside. Turns out the window is not a suitable way but hey I didn’t know ha! Note, I have since learnt how to do it successfully, I am not putting Elliott in through the window.

Here are 5 of my accessories/ tips that have really enhanced my pram experience.

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What every parent craves… Sleep! What even is that?


The thing that all parents want to know, myself included… How do I get my baby to sleep longer or sleep at all? I use to think I was tired before… I had no idea. I do think I am very lucky that as soon as my head hits to pillow I can fall straight to sleep which means the broken sleep isn’t too bad but there are some days I feel like a zombie and definitely deserve the afternoon nap I take.

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