Up up and away with a baby…

Before we set off on our first holiday I scoured the internet high and low for tips for flying with a baby and thought I’d share the best things I found and used!

We have now done a long haul flight of 9 hours and a short flight of 3 so I was able to tweak my original bag and feel like both flights were successful. I was dreading it… I pictured screaming baby, glaring passengers, lots of tutting and me stood red faced and in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth.

2018-07-04 11.02.54 1 copy.jpg

Baby Bjorn carrier
We did take our pushchair right up to the gate but having him in the carrier before we got there made it so much easier to carry hand luggage and pass it over at the door. It helped Elliott get out a lot of wriggles before we to on board.

Chicco pushchair 
So I didn’t want to take my iCandy pram on the first flight for our holiday and it’s quite big and I was worried about it being broken so I borrowed my Mum’s chicco pushchair that was perfect. It was so easy to fold down, light enough to carry and I was amazed by how far I could lie Elliott back in it.

Images of my nest taken from Little Miss Paisley as she captured it so beautifully

My baby nest has continued to be one of my most used baby items for Elliott and I’m so glad that I purchased one. It was definitely worth the money. You can find the gorgeous little miss paisley project’s instagram here. She was able to make my custom nest and I am absolutely in love with it.
On some flights you can book to have the aircraft bassinet. I didn’t because I didn’t like the idea of having to sit on my own with Elliott away from everyone. It worked out for the best though as on the way out one way we were able to sit as a family on the front row where they were available. We had the foot room and an extra seat (our flight was pretty empty)so I was able to put the baby nest next to me and watch the Greatest show man whilst he napped.

In the bag….

Liquids/ Creams 
-Vaseline and a lip balm for myself
Hand gel in my attachable panda case (Although my case isn’t available online there are lots available)
-Dove nappy cream- A great moisturiser and cream
Lansinoh– Just in case I needed it in the heat (I didn’t use this though)
-Metanium nappy cream – A nappy bag essential


-Milton wipes
-Dettol wipes

A new toy

We opted for a Jellycat book. It has lots of different textures, noises and pictures. It’s soft and easily squished into the bag and it made Elliott very happy when he chose it.

Some favourite toys
Jellycat tiger- Pablo doesn’t ever really leave us.
Teething monkey toy- his head jingles, all his arms have teething parts. He’s soft and lightweight.
Nuby teething monkey- I used a dummy attachment around one of his legs to ensure he didn’t go far
TY Kitten- He found this just before our flight and it caused lots of laughter
Fine motor Ball- I liked that this could be squished up and stuffed into the bag (In reality this one didn’t get used on the flight but did when we reached our destination)

Feeding cover 
With heading to the Middle East I packed my breastfeeding cover which is light weight so wasn’t too stuffy for Elliott to be covered under it on holiday although I only used it out as I was in the Middle East and then just went cover free in our villa like I would over here.

Dummies and their sterilising case
Although Elliott doesn’t have one, I thought it was a good idea to take as an option for take off and landing if he wouldn’t take me.

Soft booties

Items for me
Glasses case, travel documents wallet, purse

The early flight, terminal and aircraft can get chilly so it was handy to have one that I could grab.

Freezer bags with individual outfits (This was a god send for)
I was able to pull out my nappy bag (Johnsons baby Touch of magic bag that was a gift that I re-stocked with nappies and wipes) and an outfit bag and we were good to go. It then meant the old outfit could be put in the bag and I wasn’t lugging lots back and forth into the already small toilets.
I had 4 bags:
-x2 body suits and x2 bibs in one
-A sleep suit and bib
-2 bags contained x1 outfit and bib
Nappies- As a rule of thumb I read to pack a new nappy for every hour of the journey with a couple of extras just in case.

Play mat
This allowed us to put Elliott down for a wriggle both before the flight at the airport and on board.

On our return flight I packed his new interest cucumber sticks.

2018-07-04 11.12.36 1.jpg

I also discovered the amazing hack that lots of people probably know but I was not one of them…. roll your clothes. I was so shocked by how much more I could pack into the case simply by rolling!

Well that’s it. Who knew so much thought and planning has to go into travels with a little one?

I hope this was helpful. Let me know if you packed anything different in your bag that you found helpful.

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