Millets Farm {And why it’s been so long}

It’s been a little whilst since I’ve posted. Blink and a day has gone by…. blink again and it’s been a week…. a month… two….We’ve been on our first family holiday and had some exciting news that we’re moving home so things have been a little busy. Add to that my Mac just died when we returned from our holiday and had to be sent off for repair and now here we are.

I’d been working on a few holiday posts but they’re gone along with everything on my laptop so it’s time to start again. Luckily I’d started a post that sat in my drafts as Elliott arrived a few days later and took over. It’s from a place where I spent a lot of time when I was pregnant and when Elliott first arrived…. a local garden centre BUT it has animals! (And a pumpkin patch of dreams in the Autumn)

Travel through Pettigoat lane and meet the adorable goats…


These little beauties I spent ages watching and capturing photos as the babies hopped around and climbed all over Mum, wondering what my little bump would be like and who he would be. It’s so strange to think that 6 months ago I brought him into the world (I wish it was as easy as that sentence ha! Sounds like I just picked him out) and before that did not know his face or how he smiles or which spot can always guarantee a tickle.


How dreamy is this carousel!

As we move away this will be one spot I’ll definitely miss. I’m such an old woman and love a good garden centre.

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