Motherhood so far…

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I can’t believe I’ve had just over 2 months as a Mum to my beautiful boy. The days are flying by so quickly and my tiny little boy is becoming such a little character and growing by the day. (Stating the obvious much ha!) He’s no longer in his tiny baby clothes that he didn’t really fill and 0-3 things are starting to seem like he’ll be out of them soon. I may have shed a tear as I sorted out the clothes that don’t fit him anymore. Where has my tiny dot gone? I’d say I blame the hormones but I don’t think they made a difference in this instance.

I have learnt so much already, we have had highs and lows as we tackle what this little human throws our way. I mean, before him I couldn’t even keep a plant alive. Trust me, I try so hard but it just doesn’t work out with me and my petal friends so now having Elliott who relies on me for everything is crazy.


It’s been tough in parts; I mean don’t talk to me about injections! Elliott cried, I cried. It was an emotional day and the evening. Jeez! I’m dreading the next batch but it can’t be as bad as the first round surely… I so hope that I haven’t jinx myself. And the cluster feeding nights that appeared were long but luckily I have great friends that supported me through and explained why he just kept feeding and feeding and feeding. I felt like a cow! I found some great tips to for breastfeeding that I wrote about (Click here) that got me through. The shopping at 3am on the tit-nternet (as my friend called it that made  me smile) has now come to an end. I’d have parcels arriving with no clue what so ever was I’d ordered in my delirious sleep deprived state. I’d be collecting 3 from the post office and did not have a clue as Jack asked what was inside. A surprise for him and me both.

The endless nappy changes are just something else. How can something so little and angelic create such gag inducing things and then there’s the chance that I take every time… a game of nerves…. Will he wee everywhere? And the side check… never will I ever pull the side to have a peek… it didnt end well. But the babbles and giggles he gives me as I talk to him make being covered in all sorts of things that bit more bearable.

We have taken on the crazy, colourful world that are baby classes that I will write about separately because we have such fun and I have discovered that my dignity that I left at the delivery room door has stayed there. Dancing around a room full of strangers and singing so out of tune, I think that is the only reason Elliott smiles, just does not phase me these days. Everyone in the class is so focused on their own babies that I can squawk away unnoticed.

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We also ventured to the dreaded world that is soft play with his two older cousins but well firstly Elliott was a little too small for it all, there was an under 5s part he could go into and even then it was still a bit too advanced for him. Add to that my OCD madness and fear of letting him put the ball pit balls in or near his mouth (Thanks to all the disgusting stories I’ve read of what has been found in there) and well lets just say, I won’t be dashing back in a hurry any time soon but I can see why people do go. My nephews loved it, ran around like loons being chased by their Dad or Jack or me…. My eldest nephew found it hilarious as I went between the two rollers… I was due to feed Elliott and it really hurt squishing through and it took a few attempts and top got a tad wet but I’m hoping it went unnoticed. Not the most glamorous moment but then I think back to labour and well I refer back to my dignity comment ha!

I spend my days finding new and exciting ways to play and interact with him as playing with a newborn can be dare I say it… a little boring in the beginning. There is only so many times you can put on theatre filling performances with his animals, maybe I’m exaggerating, with nothing. Just a strong stare with the look of “What are you doing?” I was so relieved when we started getting smiles, my performances were going down well ha! I have been writing a separate post with play time activities including ideas from classes that have been a hit that I will share soon. I am loving reading about how his brain is developing and how to encourage fine motor skills among other things, I think it’s the teacher in me.

I am unbelievable lucky with most thing. For one I have a beautiful boy that took a little longer than we thought when we decided to start a family. The nights I can hack, some times a nap is needed in the day but I found not stopping and powering through helps because I am not a morning person but waking up with his little face is something else. He is such a happy baby and the smiles…. Oh they more than melt my heart! No matter what happens in life, as long as I see that smiley gorgeous face staring back at me then I can take on anything.

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