Pram tips and tricks

IMG-20171231-WA0004- edit.jpg

So my pram has come along way from practising pushing it around my living room putting my large Minnie mouse in and out… yes I did that. If only I could show you the time I put the rain cover on the bassinet for the first time and was stood holding the “baby” and wondered how on earth I was suppose to put Minnie inside. Turns out the window is not a suitable way but hey I didn’t know ha! Note, I have since learnt how to do it successfully, I am not putting Elliott in through the window.

Here are 5 of my accessories/ tips that have really enhanced my pram experience.

For my pram I opted for the bugaboo cameleon in sand which I must say I love. It’s so light- weight and easy to manoeuvre. The only down side is with the bassinet on, the basket is a bit of a pain to get too.

IMG-20180119-WA0003- edit

1. Hand warmer

In this cold weather it’s a nightmare when you leave the house only to realise your gloves are in the pocket of your other coat and your hands turn to icicles wrapped around the pram. This hand warmer is the greatest thing ever! I leave it on my pram at all times and it’s soft and fluffy inner keeps my hands nice and toaster and it’s also large enough for Jack to use with comfort too.

2. Shower caps
Who knew shower caps could change your life so much ha! I use these for my larger back wheels when I bring my pram in the house to prevent mud lines on my carpet and then place my front two on a bath mat. They’re also so handy for covering the wheels as I put the pram in my car. This is a skill in itself my I add as I have a Fiat 500. I picked mine up from Asda for £1.20 Bargain!


3.Changing bag clips
This is such a time saver for me and makes carrying my bag so much easier. My changing bag came with handy clips that loop around my pram and I leave them attached as I take my bag off. It’s so handy and quick. My changing bag is a tote Cath Kidston and I must say I absolutely love it.

Click here to see the contents of my changing bag.

4. Drinks cup holder

Perfect for coffee cup take outs, my Costa or starbucks travel mugs and also my waterbottle. If you purchase one accessory let it be your cup holder!

5. Bag for the raincoat
I’m in the process of making my own bag to fit my prams raincover in as it came in a box and I can not get it back in there to store it nice and easily. It would be great to see how you store your bassinet rain covers.

I’d love to hear any pram hacks or tips you have.

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