A year of firsts


As we look forward to the year ahead I am so excited to watch Elliott grow and develop. We have so many firsts to look forward to…Our first family holiday, witnessing the first time he rolls over, claps, crawls, maybe even first words! It will be a year of firsts and I am determined to treasure every second. I often hear, “The days are long but the years are short” and never have truer words been spoken. He has been in our lives 7 weeks and time just seems to be flying by too quickly. Along with Elliott’s milestones I will be recording, I decided to set myself a few new years resolutions that will enrich my year to come;


1.Treasure the moment and capture them

Jack bought me a DSLR camera just before Elliott arrived and I have been playing around with it lots to allow myself to confidently snap away to capture those perfect moments. I love looking back at photographs of my adventures and enjoy scrapbooking; I made a scrap book from the beginning of my pregnancy and want to continue this with Elliott to document how he changes and all the fun things we get up to; so it makes sense I upgraded from simply using my phone to do it. Who knew a camera could have so many options and settings though.

2.Explore more

I’m not talking extravagant travels around the world, although that would be nice. But exploring my local surroundings as although we have been living here 4 years and there are so many beautiful spots that have been on our adventure list that just seem to stay there. This year will be the year we start ticking them off! I can’t think of anything better than popping on a pair of wellies and setting off, maybe even packing a picnic!


clinque 1Clinque 2

3.Take better care of myself!

I find that my time is now taken up with feeding, changing and playing with my bambino that it’s easy to neglect myself. My hormones have been going crazy post baby and so with the help of the wonderful woman at the Clinque counter, I have now established a bedtime routine to help get my skin back under control. So long makeup remover wipes; yes I am guilty of that even though I know it’s not great for my skin. My new routine doesn’t take 5 minutes but it’s something that I am determined to stick to as I am so bad at starting something and then giving up after a few days. It takes 2 weeks to form a habit so I’m going to give it a try. I’ve also started to gently get back into exercising after the Christmas period. Last year I worked hard to build up to a 5K run and although that doesn’t seem that far; for someone that hates running it was a huge accomplishment. Then after injuring my knee I sadly let my good habit die. Although I’m not saying I’m going to do the run again, better to not make promise I can’t keep; plus I kind of hated running! I want to get my fitness back.


4. Get crafty
I have so many unfinished and pinned projects that I want to do so I have set myself the target of doing more crafts with lots of new techniques lined up to develop my skills. I aim to learn a new skill every month and bake something new too. My Great British bake off calendar has a new bake each month so seemed the perfect fit. I hope you’ll stick around to see them posted on Mondays with my #oneaddonemondaymakes.

5. Get organised
We have lived in our house 4 years this year and so as you can imagine we have things that I’m sure we don’t need or use hiding away. I plan on taking a room or space each month and organising/sorting/ re-arranging it so that it works better for us. It always feels good to have a good spring clean so I’m doing a full spring clean just a little more slowly. I do have to fit around a newborns sleep timetable now.


What are your new years resolutions?

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