Goodbye 2017, it’s been amazing!

2017 will always be the year that will truly be forever one of my favourites.
I have one gorgeous little boy to thank for that, who arrived to end the year on an amazing high!


Elliott changed my life before he even entered it with all the scans, plans and thoughts of what was to come from the day we discovered I was pregnant back in March. The rush of love and need to protect this tiny being that was growing inside of me that instantly arrived, along with an anxious feeling of getting things right and keeping him safe.


From the day we discovered whether I was growing a boy or girl and the fun we had announcing it to our friends and family.


To capturing my bump with my best friend in the rain whilst she got covered in grass from lying on the floor to capture the perfect shot.


To her even throwing me the perfect baby shower and if you haven’t seen my post about it, you really need to go and see all the amazing detail and thought that she put into my special day. Even down to the drinks we had and the most delicious tasting shortbread men. Note to self, get the recipe!

This tiny human took over my world before he entered it and I couldn’t be happier. I never want to forget the feeling as he grew and I felt him moving inside. How he responded and jigged away when I’d play him Ed Sheeran and how those same songs soothe him now and are our favourite to dance around the bedroom to. How he kicked away to his Daddy’s voice and how he is mesmerised by Jack now he’s here.

Amazing things happened that weren’t baby related like my results achievement with my Year 1 class at school for the second year that I am incredibly proud of. A birthday holiday to the Isle of Wight that was the perfect little getaway, lots of little adventures with Jack, long walks and amazing breakfast spot discoveries; food became my favourite thing embarrassingly… blame the little human growing inside that is just as hungry now he’s out. Elliott just seemed to come along and eclipse it all and is my proudest achievement of the year, if not my life.


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