#Mondaymakes: Easy personalised name idea from Hobbycraft

2017-12-18 03.08.13 1.jpg

For my first craft video I started with a cheap and really easy way to customise a space.
I personalised Elliott’s room for just £8 from  Hobbycraft and the letters are now in the boxing day sales for just 50p!!

Click here for the video

Handy Links for what you will need:
Ready mixed paint
Paint brush

1. Lay your letters on a piece of card or newspaper to prevent getting paint everywhere

2. Paint the front and sides of your letter ensuring no lumps are left behind to ensure a smooth finish

3. Leave to dry. I left mine for 30 minutes.

4. Turn your letters over and paint the reverse side, again ensuring no lumps are left behind.

5. Leave to dry again.

6. Ensure that your letters are covered evenly and touch up any missed spots.

7. Once the letters are completely dry, display them as required.
I placed mine in the nursery window and used a small piece of blue tac below each letter to hold them down.

And that’s it!!

Hope you enjoy the DIY and if you create it make sure to share with my hashtag on instagram #Mondaymakes

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