Adjusting to life as a three and enjoying the Christmas festivities

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I feel like my most over used saying at the moment is I can’t believe…

I can’t believe he’s really here, that he’s growing so quickly, that he’s been here for 6 weeks and a day already, that he’s smiling back at me… yes this time it isn’t wind. I can’t believe that he’s turning his head when I say his name, that he appears to recognise mine and his Daddy’s voice. I can’t believe that one little person could poo so much, that said poo can end up in places that you didn’t think possible, that said poo also appears to explode when we have a new outfit on, that his wee can reach that high…


I just can’t believe how amazing, funny and captivating this tiny little human is. Every day is different. Every day I’m learning something new. Some days I feel like I’ve got this Mum malarkey nailed and there are some days when I’m grateful for my head hitting the pillow ready to try again tomorrow.

IMG_20171224_192130_538Jack’s Top: Next// My top: H&M Skirt: Sainsbury’s// Elliott’s knitted romper: Next (different design)

I’ve had a wonderfully chilled out Christmas spent with some of my favourite people enjoying their company and cherishing the moment. Elliott has also been a great excuse to get out of one set of pj’s and hop straight into another pair. They were Christmassy so you’re not allowed to judge. I’ve indulged in plenty of Chocolate and Christmas festivities and feel truly grateful as the year comes to a close.


I had a wonderful coffee date with my two boys today reflecting on our year and setting goals for the year ahead. I may do another post and share that if that is something you’d like to read.

What has been your favourite part of Christmas?

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