Our Newborn Photoshoot…

We went to the incredible Christine Jane Photography for Elliott’s newborn photo shoot and I couldn’t be happier with the experience from start to finish. She was extremely welcoming, kind and took great care of us all.


I loved how she had so much time for us and gave me so many options of poses, accessories and styles. I felt that she had all the time in the world for us so when Elliott needed feeding, changing or just a little break when he’d had enough, I didn’t feel under pressure to settle him and put him back in front of the camera before he was ready and that really helped.


I was mortified when we were about to begin, stripped him off nappy and all and placed him ready only for us to see the dreaded fountain! Christine was so sweet as I apologised over and over as he’d only just gone down, a quick clean up and change of material and you wouldn’t of known it ever happened. A few snaps later and we switched the backdrop and he went again and well third time was a charm too as we had the final backdrop colour. Even I got covered as I fed him. Nothing was safe around Elliott that day! Opsy!

The turn around for the pictures was absolutely fantastic and I can’t explain the love I have for every single image. She captured so perfectly every single little detail of our boy from his tiny toes to his little button nose. I ordered a selection of the prints printed and I can’t believe how quickly they arrived… Let’s get the frames ready and hung.


Here is a link to her website for all those wanting more information about her.





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