It’s officially December….

I have now been a Mum for 2 weeks. The days seem to be flying by already with our tiny newborn growing before our eyes every single day.

Christmas has arrived at the Cullip household with fairy lights, tinsel and all the delicious smelling Yankee candles taking centre stage. I love a delicious smelling candle all year round and Yankee’s Christmas collection is just amazing. They last for ages and really fill a room with their scent that even after you blow them out, still remains. (I also lit crackling wood fire slightly earlier than December ((oops)) but it doesn’t contain the word Christmas in the title so that’s ok right?)



We had the Top 40 Christmas playlist playing and begun setting up the tree, I’m more of a make the tree pretty at the end kind of girl, than all the hard work of setting it up so I was gutted when Elliott needed feeding just as we got the tree out the box, NOT! He stopped just in time for us both to help add the decorations at the end with Jack. This boy has great timing!

Christmas tree

Now I had plans of matching Christmas jumpers and all of us involved but in the end it turned into me sporting my Boux Avenue Pj bottoms (similar pj sets can be found in the link) and fluffy socks with my checked Primark nightshirt as I couldn’t be bothered once I had a bath to get redressed for decorating. This feels much more honest though than if I were to get us all changed and posed, a more natural shot and a true reflection of how our tree went up for his first Christmas.

Christmas tree 2Christmas tree 1

Elliott was fascinated by the lights and jingling decorations. I love how each of our ornaments are personal and tell a story or bring back a memory. It’s been so nice to hang our baby’s 1st Christmas one that a family member got us as a gift to add to the tree this year.

We are packing the days with such wonderful memories meeting family members, taking short outings, my favourite thing was wrapping up warm on a cold and frosty morning and heading to Blenheim Palace to take in the Christmas decorations.

IMG_20171201_212555_443Coat/ Scarf (In a different colour) / trainers/ Changing bag/ Pram


I’m even loving the cuddles on the sofa as a family of three, well four. Ruby has accepted Elliott now and likes to lie on my lap or close by which I’m so pleased about as when we first came home she wouldn’t come near me when I held him. I used all the strategies I read online before hand to help her as much as possible… I put baby things out before he arrived, I played babies crying on my phone and placed it in the moses basket and sent my mum home with a blanket that smelt of Elliott when he was first born. I made sure guests fussed her and gave her treats and now I’m so pleased that after a few days she’s absolutely fine and doesn’t seem a grumpy girl anymore.


Polka dot dress
Sporting my favourite nursing dress by the amazing dwell and slumber. I love how light weight and cosy the dress is and how it’s perfect for nursing.

We went to the ‘Pottery Place’ to get Elliott’s prints done and I couldn’t wait to go back and pick them up. The ladies there were so kind and gentle with him as I was a little nervous with how tiny he was that he wouldn’t enjoy it but it was such a wonderfully positive experience. Elliott slept through the entire thing. I was given so much time to explore all of the different options available and loved how I could personalise every single part of it right down to the colour of the ribbons we used to attach the two tiles. The print is now hung pride of place in his nursery and is such a lovely keepsake, I most certainly will be going back to capture his growth and to personalise more things.


What Christmas traditions do you have? What exciting things do you love to do with your family at Christmas? I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions.
I’ve already seen my friend Hannah making the cutest Christmas cards with her daughter which has inspired me to get crafty next week.

Happy Christmas xx

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