A special delivery…


13 days after his due date my gorgeous little boy made an appearance into the world following an induced start to labour after 12 days. It wasn’t the water birth at a midwifery led unit like I initially had intended but they do say you can’t plan your labour. Near the end I didn’t care how he got here I just wanted him here safely and had to do what was best for him.
He is now a week old and never has my heart been so full of love and pride as I stare down at my baby boy. I want to soak in every tiny details of his body and shower him with love for eternity. This first week has been full of new and wonderful memories as we get to know our boy and the amazing characteristics and funny habits he has already. Along with a lot of lessons like how baby boys with nappies off decide to turn into water fountains.
Things I couldn’t live without this week as I go through the first week of motherhood.
These have been perfect for me to wear both in the day and the night when breastfeeding, making things a lot easier to access and do discreetly. I’ll be stocking up on these in lots of different colours to wear underneath comfy jumpers this winter.
I looked at so many different diaries and notepads to record his feeds and nappies but found this app covered all bases perfectly for me. It allows you to record which boob and then you simply click end when you’re done and it tells you how long he fed for. It also allows you to log the type of nappy he’s had which was very helpful when the midwife asks about all of this information or working out roughly how long I have to do things before he needs to be fed/ changed.

I’ve also found Lanolin extremely beneficial for preventing chapped areas both for myself and Elliott’s lips. Putting it on frequently rather than waiting for the chapped areas to appear.

Small Muslins and Extra large Muslins- Mothercare’s were my brand of choice as I liked the colours and styles available- My milk is coming in quick and fast and I’ve found I’ve had to have a small muslin under me and over Elliott to prevent us getting soaked. The midwife assures me this will settle but for now I get through so many. The extra large muslins are used to allow me to breastfeed at home when we have visitors discreetly, although I haven’t mastered latching on without sticking my head under the muslin with him first. I’m sure it’s a rather funny sight.

Child’s farm moisturiser 
This multi award-winning moisturiser is so light and hydrating for Elliott’s skin. It’s suitable for newborns skin as is so gently. He loves a bit of baby massage and it’s really helping the dryness.
And finally Jack who has kept our house functioning and visitors happy along with supporting us and caring for us.
 I couldn’t be happier right now. I feel like I’m beaming with pride and love.

6 thoughts on “A special delivery…

  1. Valerie says:

    Congratulations! He big was he? 🙂
    “how baby boys with nappies off decide to turn into water fountains” – lol! I recall being surprised by this when my first soon was born, haha. 😀


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