Christmas is coming to the Cotswolds


Now that Halloween and bonfire night have been it is officially the start of Christmas right? It’s such a wonderful time of year. A nearby farmshop has gone all out transforming part of the garden centre into Narnia and I was giddy with excitement.


Christmas is such a magical and happy time of year and I am so glad that soon I will be able to pass on my love and excitement of it to our Baby Boy, creating our own memories and traditions as a family. The moment the cups and drinks in the coffee shops change and I can get hold of a gingerbread latte (decaf this year), I get in the Christmas mood. I get to pull out the cosy jumpers and thick warm scarves. Although being 40 weeks pregnant, the more oversized the jumper the better as some of my more fitted ones show the lower half of my belly and that is not a good look but does make me laugh as I look in the mirror.


So as I write this my due date has been and gone… 3 days late…. I know I am not the most punctual person, I am often bang on or a few minutes late if not hurried along by Jack but with only 5% of babies actually arriving on theres, I’m not sure why I am surprised that he’s running a little late. I am spending the extra days cleaning, cleaning and cleaning some more. Don’t worry there is plenty of rest and feet up in between and ticking things off like finishing a canvas I was bought for Christmas last year. I’ve also been trying all the tricks to help encourage him out… spicy food, pineapple, long long walks- you name it, I’ve tried it. He just does not seem to want to arrive yet.
My friend put it such a lovely way that I have created such a lovely environment for him that he is enjoying being all cosy and snug in there. Plus it is getting rather chilly…. little does he knows I have such super cosy sleepsuits and pram suits to keep him snug.


So as I sit and wait for my arrival I shall carry on trying to find the perfect matching Christmas Pjs to order, think about the gifts that I can start getting for people and enjoying feeling his movements inside of me for the last few days.

What are you favourite Christmas traditions?


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