Today’s special moments are tomorrow’s memories.


I can not believe the amount of thought and effort that went into creating my baby shower by my unbelievable best friend Abbi. She had thought about EVERYTHING and must have spent so much time preparing for it. I will be forever grateful to have such a wonderful friend. She had added personal touches to every part of the shower and just wow!!

From tea and coffee in china cups from tea pots to blue lemonade in baby bottles.




We had delicious baked goodies, all homemade by the fabulous hostess herself (Emma brought along her famous fudge too). I overloaded on sugar from eating a piece of everything (perhaps two or three if you’re counting the shortbread boys that I demolished) But as guest of honour of course I had to try it all, well that is what I told myself anyway.

I also have an incredibly talented Mum that created such a marvellous and extremely delicious cake. The top layer was chocolate cake and the bottom was vanilla sponge and yes I ate a slice (or maybe two) of both! My Mum never fails when baking cakes (I wanted the Disney castle for my 21st birthday and boy did she deliver… Princesses and all). She is so extremely talented but doesn’t realise this.


We also played games and the “Crap happens…. Guess the Poo” was hilarious but totally disgusting (As you can see from my face). It’s a total mind over matter game, eating apple puree, chocolate or fudge is totally delicious… but eating them out of nappies well…
I had a lot of fun reading everyone’s guesses for the date, weight and name of our baby boy. One guest even guessed one of my name options (But you won’t know if it was you until the day he arrives I’m afraid no matter how many times you ask ha!)

Abbi even made everyone the cutest baby feet bracelets as a Thank you gift!

It was an incredible afternoon spent with wonderful ladies that I am so lucky to call my friends. They each make me smile, inspire me and encourage me on a daily basis and I love them all to bits. Ok, soppiness over…. 1 week until my due date!!!!

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