The end is in sight…


Although I am really looking forward to meeting our Baby boy, I am also a little sad that my pregnancy will be over.
I will miss spending time just staring at my belly and watching him move around inside of me. Following our scan, I now know which parts are where, I was pleased that she confirmed I was right with what I thought were his feet; sitting right under my ribs may I add. Owy! He loves a good wriggle and stretch and I have named it sharking as half of my stomach sticks out like a sharks head. He just likes his back rubbing I think. I even think that I will miss the bump getting in the way of me seeing my toes, which I thought pre- pregnancy that I would hate. If you have had a baby, what things do you miss the most? I plan on spending the days that I have left enjoying my bump and little man move away.

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The other highs of the final trimester…. Eating breakfast! I just love breakfast and food just seems to make me stupidly happy. I also started and have now nearly finished (1 to go) my antenatal classes, which have been not only brilliant for meeting some wonderful ladies. But so helpful in enabling me to feel prepared for our new arrival. It has done wonders for my anxiety straight up fear of labour. So much so that I now want to give birth at a midwifery led unit and am feeling much calmer. My friends have also been brilliant in sharing their birthing stories with me and although they were honest, did not completely terrify me.

I went back to work following a wonderful six weeks summer break and that was tougher than I thought. Being on my feet all day, bending over to be at the children’s level sent me to sleep the moment I got home following a soak in the bath for the achy back. I also caught a viral infection and was signed off for a week and in the end I worked up to 36 weeks. They threw me a wonderful baby shower (even after I ruined their original plan due to me having to go for an emergency scan), they decorated the staffroom and really did surprise me and overwhelm me with their kindness.

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They had baked lots of delicious goodies, which I stuffed my face with and even brought some home with me. I love that they had themed it all blue, not only did it fit that we are having a boy but it is also my favourite colour!

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They were so kind with the words in my card and gave me such wonderful gifts; I really will miss them now I’m off on maternity leave.


Some of the lows… My 34 week check panicking me was not great. If you have no idea what I’m on about, go and read my hospital bag post and all will become clear. I also feel like I’m going to give birth to an ape with the amount of heartburn I’ve been getting as everyone said he’s growing hair when I get it. Gaviscon is my best friend! I’ve started to swell a little, nothing major but my hands and feet ache and I’ve now had to start wearing my rings around my neck as I’d hate for them to get cut off. Some niggles but nothing major which I feel so blessed about following some of the things my friends and other people have said.

I am now 37 weeks and although 3 weeks seems close… saying it’s 21 days to go sure does! (That’s if he arrives on his due date) I have a feeling he will be early, but then again I also thought he was a girl so I could be wrong. Let’s wait and see…

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