Quick get the hospital bags ready!


So this week we had a little scare with our bambino, turns out it was absolutely nothing at all to worry about but the experts weren’t too good at explaining that along the way. I of course panicked and thought the worst whilst hoping for the best. I had most my things ready for the hospital but rushed about getting it packed in case for some reason I was kept in or had to have him. I know, the crazy things that run through my mind. I just want to protect this precious gift and do everything I can to keep him safe.

So I have two hospital bags, one for myself and one for my baby boy.

Inside my bag:

-As I am hoping for a water birth I have packed my blooming marvellous tankini top from mothercare
-Two nursing tops from H & M
-Two nursing bras from M&S that aren’t featured in the picture.


-My super comfy Jack Wills jogging bottoms
-My favourite Dwell and Slumber dress


-A buttoned up night shirt from George
-Comfy slippers


-Mini toiletries for both myself and Jack

-2 flannels and a water spray bottle
-Disposible briefs
-Breasts pads
-Maternity towels.

I still need to pop in
-dressing down
-fluffy socks
-cotton briefs

And following your recommendations:
-Lucozade and snacks
-Ibuprofen (For the both of us- the other being Jack)
But have made a promise that that will be done this week.

-I’ve bought small volvic bottles that when my waters break if I am home I plan on popping in the freezer until it’s time to go to the hospital. That way they will stay cool for longer as I like everything ice cold. A great tip one of the girls from my antenatal class told me

-I’ve now got a footprint kit for when we get home to do in those early few days

Inside my baby boys bag:


-3 sleepsuits
-2body suits
-A snuggly fleecey sleepsuit to bring him home in as he will be here in November.
– 3 hats
-a pair of mittens (most of my sleepsuits have built in mittens)
-2 dummys with an attachment
-2 bibs
-3 muslins
-3 blankets; one of which I crocheted myself and finally finished.
-As a just in case I picked up a Aptamil first infant milk starter pack in case breast feeding gets off to a slow start in the hospital.

As my changing bag will be put with these I have left out nappies, etc but click this link to see what is in my changing bag that I will also have with me.

This is all becoming very real now. One thing I was told at my scan was that our boy’s head is engaged and he is in a great position. Let the countdown commence…. 4 weeks to wait until the due date.

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