It’s time to get the changing bag ready.

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I can’t believe it’s only 5 weeks to go until my due date. It’s all becoming very real now with my antenatal class discussing labour and the realisation, this may sound silly, but there will actually be a baby at the end of this. I obviously knew that but it’s really hit me this past week with us discussing how to deliver and thinking about my own labour in more detail that before I cared to do. Now I can’t stop picturing our own baby boy and suddenly thinking… I need to get everything ready. What if I have him tomorrow? I swear I go from one extreme of we have ages to the other. I blame the hormones. What else would be making me hover on my hands and knees examining each part of the carpet and clean the walls?

One job I’d be putting off which I have now tackled is the changing bag. I have explored a variety of blog posts and looked at endless checklists to ensure I do it right but until he’s here and I go to get something… who can tell?

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Cath Kidston tote changing bag
Cath Kidston is a huge favourite of mine with my work bag being put through it’s paces cram packed with school books, supplies and food and being carted back and forth whatever the weather. 3 years later and it’s still going strong so I of course opted for a changing bag by them, especially after my friend had a gorgeous floral one and recommended them. As my pram is a cream colour and us having a baby boy I wanted a bag that Jack wouldn’t mind having around too. I mean, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind floral but this blue and cream polka dot tote bag just seemed perfect. Although I couldn’t find mine on the website anymore, heres the link to her other gorgeous changing bags.

It has so many handy pockets inside, that I have organised to make things easily accessible and comes with a matching accessory bag, changing mat and bottle warmer that is insulated.

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Aldi’s Mamia size 1 nappies and Changing mats
Everyone I know has recommended Aldi’s own nappies for newborns so I’ve stocked up, they’re a great price and have fantastic reviews online too! I also picked up their disposable changing mats at the baby event which I’m sure will come in handy for those messy nappies and for the price you don’t mind throwing them away. I’ll just put them over the top of my changing mat that comes with my bag.

Water wipes
The logistics of being out and about, having to change quickly and having to get warm water and cotton balls ready just seemed too much. I’m sure I’m over thinking it and you can just pack water in a bottle to store in your warmer but the idea of having a pack of water wipes that are soft and harmless on newborns skin just seemed a great option.

Milton wipes
Again my friend recommended these for when things get dropped on the floor and needing to be sterilised before handing back to a newborn. Once you’ve wiped the item you have to wait the recommended period of time first but I thought it was a great option.

Maternity liners and Tommy Tippe Breast pads
Not the most glamorous of items but from what I’ve heard are essentials.
I also plan on packing a change of tops for myself in case of leakages from myself or my bambino.

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There are so many different nappy creams and ointments with different people recommending different ones. I brought a mini one of each every time I saw them on offer to see how we got on and then I can decide for myself.

Sudocream Care and protect creamBepanthenMetanium, Baby dove nappy creamJohnson’s baby powder – I like nothing more than covering myself in talc after a nice bath or after going swimming so I packed this in my changing bag to have on hand for the future when we do decide to venture to the swimming pool.
I have also been sent an article regarding the dangers of using talc so am ensuring it’s not easily accessible, away from little hands and not used in the early months for those delicate lungs.

Lanolin Cream – Well this mini is for me to help the pain of breastfeeding, Tummy butter for me

Infacol – A just in case for my changing bag that was recommended by a few mums. Better to have and not need than to need and not have as my mum always says.

I’ve also got a dummy strap (Which will have a dummy attached closer to the time)
Next bag to store my minis lip balm, hand cream and anything else I may decide to add.
2x bibs
3x Muslins
1 blanket
1 baby rattle
1 change of clothes for him

If there is any necessities you think I should add, then please do let me know.

Right, let’s tackle the hospital bag next….

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