A sneak peek into our Bambino’s nursery

With the countdown on and only 7 weeks left, we find ourselves going into the Nursery and just wondering what should be done. Jack, more so than me, wants everything done yesterday. I want to spread out my jobs a little but I think that’s because I think if I’m not ready he can’t arrive and the fact that sometimes it feels like such an effort to move from the comfy sofa and do stuff. The hospital bag and changing bag should really be getting done soon. I don’t think he will just wait for me to get sorted. I’ll make a to do list, that’s always a good incentive to do things for me.

I thought I’d share a few pictures of our bambino’s nursery.
We spent a lot of time before hand creating a nursery inspired pin board on Pinterest looking at layouts, storage designs, colour schemes and we couldn’t wait to get started.

Processed with VSCO with  preset
Processed with VSCO with  preset

I loved scatter frame walls. My mother in law drew Micky and Minnie as a gift for me a little while ago and that was the first to go up and we picked around it. We chose a variety of inspirational quotes, a-z prints, amongst vinyl records we framed and a Chelsea print because of course he’s got to be a Blue!

I loved this hot air balloon lamp shade, it is such a colourful feature in the centre of the room. We purchased this one from Amazon.


I am a major neat freak and everything has to have it’s place and things in the nursery are no different. We got our white Trofast storage frame and the small storage boxes and the large storage boxes all from good old IKEA. We then printed off labels and laminated them which will help in those sleep deprived days when I don’t know what’s going on. To optimise space we put all newborn booties, socks and gloves in this hanging shoe organiser, a great tip I found on Pinterest.


This chair is a treasured possession that belonged to my Nana. We  spray painted it and upholstered the chair and I created a pillow case using material that I purchased from Cath Kidston.
You can also spy our very colourful and very soft rug which we picked up for an absolute bargain from Aldi. Who knew?!

And that is it, his room is complete. I can’t wait to add some personalised bits with his name on and see how it changes when he’s arrived and we start to use it. I know for the first few months he will be in the moses  basket in our room with the most perfect custom made baby nest that I will share soon  that was created by the very talented LittleMissPaisley.  I’m also on the hunt for a height chart that we can move from home to home so any recommendations please do let me know…

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