The third trimester so far…

I have to remind myself when it changes from the second to the third trimester. It begins in week 28 and lasts until birth. Gosh! The final stage… The countdown in on. The finish line is in sight and soon I will have a tiny human! He’s making his presence known in there rolling around and kicking away. It looks like my belly is a water bed sometimes when he rolls and my tummy moves, the kicks are getting more intense, apparently soon I’ll be able to make out if it’s a foot or a hand as he presses against me which I’m strangely excited about.


Can I just add, that this photo was taken just after we had arrived back from having breakfast out and Ruby is always so excited to see me that she follows me everywhere so when I went into the nursery to take my weekly picture she was sitting in the shot looking up at me, so we took it as a good opportunity to feature her too.

Jack documents my growth each week in the same spot in our nursery and love looking through them, I can’t wait until the picture is with him here. Scrapbooking each week how I feel, the highs and lows, my favourite things about being pregnant is something that I really enjoy doing. It will be such a nice keepsake to look back on.

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Since Jack brought me my pens I haven’t removed them from their packet as I like how they make a rainbow. I’m odd I know but it’s so satisfying having them all in their place.

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Appointments so far…  My 28 week appointment was the first time I got measured (from your pubic bone to the top of your uterus) against a fundal height chart. They measure to assess fetal growth (isn’t fetal an awful way to describe my baby or is that just me) and development during pregnancy.

It was also recommended that I had a whooping cough injection and anything that is beneficial to my baby is worthwhile in my opinion.  I’d say I’m good with injections, I have a high pain threshold which I hope will stand me in good stead for whats to come but I must admit, I couldn’t feel my arm from 15 minutes after I had it done for the rest of the day, lifting it above waist height was almost impossible and it wiped me out. After eating I just slept. So I’d consider your plans for the rest of the day before booking it in before a shopping trip or a meal out.

I’m also keeping a close eye on my belly button, the funny habits that you develop in pregnancy; now I’ve noticed whether I have an innie or an outie appears to depend on where he lies in my belly. Some days it’s relatively flat and other days it sticks out.

My cravings have died off completely now. I don’t crave milk or strawberries and cream anymore although I still enjoy eating them. I have started swimming as much as I can in this final stage as it seems to help to ease the back pain… I don’t swim for miles… 20 lengths and sometimes that is a challenge but luckily my Mum has been a great support coming along and we have a little natter as we go. He sleeps the whole way through but some days I do have to have some Gaviscon before I begin as no one wants to be the person that shuts the pool because they’ve been sick! Imagine the embarrassment of that! But as I mentioned in my other post, to get to week 30 before any real pain or symptoms kicked in, I count my lucky stars. Forgotten is the first trimester of feeling sick (but not being sick luckily) and feeling tired- my sinus problem played a big part in how rubbish I felt. On the whole I feel truly blessed with how lucky I am to be enjoying pregnancy so much. My aches and pains are manageable and I “glow” and have a lot of energy. I hope Baby Cullip treats me well as we finish off the pregnancy.


I’m now 32 weeks and this week I start my antenatal classes and I’m a little nervous, those who have read other posts know the delivery part is terrifying for me! But I’m hoping that my classes will help ease my nerves and have me feeling like I can take on the world.

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