My Pregnancy Essentials

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There are so many things that you are told to get in pregnancy but if you’re like me, you never quite know what is actually useful or where to even start. I have found the following things are what I define as my essentials in pregnancy and things that I have used from when I purchased, almost daily.

Pregnancy Pillow 
People tell you, “Sleep whilst you can, you won’t be getting any when the baby’s here.” Like cheers for that Valerie. Sleeping is hard enough now. I don’t know about other expectant mums out there but it’s at the very point of lying down and closing my eyes that he decides now is a good time to have a party and practise his karate moves.

You get to a point when you just need something, anything, to help you get comfortable at night and feel like you aren’t crushing your ever growing bump.  I must admit, I ordered mine early on with everyone saying how I needed it but it stayed at my bedside until around 4 or 5 months in when it then hasn’t left the bed. There are so many out there of all different shapes and sizes and although mine looks huge, I love it.

If you look at the image advertised, I sleep with it upside down as I find that the most comfortable and suitable for me. I love tucking my lower foot under the U shape as I have terribly cold feet whatever the weather and rest my outer leg on the pillow. When I roll from side to side to get comfortable or maybe for the babies entertainment… I imagine him going 1..2..3.. and roll. Repeatedly. I don’t have to move my pillow every time I roll which I think would drive me crazy. It’s like my own little cocoon, all snug inside.

A comfortable bra
From extremely early on my rib cage felt like it doubled (not literally though) and none of my bras fit. I dragged my mother in law around every single shop on the high street trying to find a wire free one that was comfortable and that fit well, I wanted to also look nice still as some were just ‘frumpy’. My list of wants just didn’t seem to exist! I couldn’t and still can’t stand anything too tight around my rib cage and it also seems to expand throughout the day. What was comfortable as I left the house in the morning is killing me by 1. H & M had a nice range in but I couldn’t find one that fit me well. In the end I settled for an M&S set that I’m hoping will last until I get back into all my beautiful pre-pregnancy ones or find somewhere that stocks something that’s more flattering. At the moment though, comfort is key. So please, if you have any ideas for me, please do share!

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Palmer’s Coco Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks 
I may be a total sucker but if there is the slightest chance that using this will help me to not get any stretch marks then I am giving it a shot. Twice a day! Morning after my shower and before I settle into my pjs at night. I was even sucked into buying the one specifically for bust care, I was putting it on one day when I thought I bet it’s the same stuff in both just branded differently but Jack looked at the ingredients and there are variations. I smother it on and hope for the best. It makes my skin feel lovely and smell delicious. I purchase my body one from boots and my bust care from Asda (I couldn’t find it online but my local one does stock it regularly) and stock up on a few bottles when they’re on offer.

One that until 30 weeks I didn’t need, I count my lucky stars for that really.  Queue “Oooo it’s going to be a hairy baby.” People say the strangest things to you when you’re pregnant, I instantly picture giving birth to an ape. Everyones seems to be different, mine seems to strike when I lie down at night and then get a burning sensation at the back of my throat. 2 spoonfuls of gaviscon and an extra pillow seem to really help.

My Top 5 books for helping me to navigate my way through this new experience and understand the changes that are happening and how to prepare. Click through for the link where I talk more about them.

My yoga ball
The inevitable aches and pains that come with pregnancy as everything expands and you carry the extra weight. I find it so helpful when I get uncomfortable to sit with my feet hip width apart and rotate my hips, I also rest my head on the ball and arch my back and relax. I found a video on youtube that demonstrated a few exercises that I do because I’m not brave enough to record myself and I’m also no expert, I just took my moves from my yoga teacher. Doing this for 5 minutes or so really relieve the pain and all else fails after that then I retreat to a soak in the bath.

Well these are mine, do you have any essential items that you think that I’m missing out on?

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