September the 1st

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This could be the last month as we know it if our bambino decides to make an early appearance…

… only 9 weeks and one day to go if he arrives on his due date, but, with only 5% of babies actually doing that I’m so uncertain as to when he is going to arrive which I guess adds to the excitement. It would be great if he did say “Hey mum, I’m arriving on this date, I know it’s not what you were expecting but I know what you’re like”. Oh how I can hope.

Having a baby really does take over, if I’m not reading about baby things, booking appointments for baby related things, I’m talking about them; it’s a good job I’m so excited and loving this or I imagine it would drive me crazy. I must admit, I did have one day when I woke up and announced to Jack, “Today I’m going to pretend I’m not pregnant all day!” He was rather confused and left for work telling me to enjoy my day not being pregnant, clearly thinking I had lost the plot. Someone clearly woke up on the wrong side of the bed after a restless night, it lasted two hours before I opened up my laptop and started making notes on feeding and sleeping expectations in the first few months.

September is a such a busy time for me anyway with going back to work as a teacher. Everything is new, shiny and waiting to be used. I have 30 new children to greet and settle in and ‘travel to Africa’ with for our topic, which is one I love teaching. I am aiming to work the first 7 weeks of the term which takes me to half term, although everyone seems to be putting bets on how long I will last as by half term I will be 38 weeks and just 4 days away from our originally predicted due date. Eeekk!

With Jack also being away for half of this month with work, I have decided to make a to do list of things to do for me and things to do for us, to treasure these final few weeks alone; as I think blink, and things won’t be as we know it anymore. Technically one of the things I put on my to do list I ticked off yesterday as I wanted a hair cut (I have another booked but who knows what Baby C’s plans are) but I’m sure I’m not the only one who puts things on their to do list they have already done just to tick it off. It sets things off on the right track this way, one task successfully completed; that’s how I look at it anyway. On my to do list for myself I added little things like finish the book I started just a few days ago, finish the baby blanket I have been crocheting, enjoy the long soaks in the bath, to what will take more time like packing my hospital bag (which I will share once I’ve finalised what’s inside).

If you have any suggestions on things I should put on either my own list or our shared list then please do let me know.


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