Top 5 books to read when you’re having a baby.


1. The Day- by- day Pregnancy book
I can not explain how helpful this book is! Jack bought it for me as soon as we found out we were having a baby and it has been my go to guide, allowing me to see what you are always so desperately to see as a Mum to be, just what exactly is going on inside that ever growing belly of yours. It is like a pregnancy encyclopaedia with helpful tips and advice for the entirety of your pregnancy. It breaks down all of your trimesters and talks you through what you can expect in these from body changes, upcoming visits to your health care provider, to things like Tips for involving your partner. It has a HUGE section on labour and birth for you to read when you are ready and talks through all the different types of positions, pain relief and stages of labour. It has a life with your new baby section that I must admit I’m still yet to read, but I did have a quick flick through and I’m sure I will find it just as helpful as the rest of the book. Should you need it there is a section on concerns and complications and explains symptoms. It explains all those questions that you would otherwise find yourself googling and has such a helpful glossary at the back that explain all the jargon that comes with pregnancy.

I started reading each new day the day before but found it more helpful to read a week a head to give me helpful tips and to feel prepared for what is to come.



2. Holly Willoughby’s Truly Happy Baby book has been such a key book in helping me to feel prepared for when my baby arrives. (I did get the kindle addition so that I could read on the move and not feel guilty about highlighting the pages). It contains everything that you need to know from feeding your newborn- both breast and bottle with her honest opinions on both which I found really informative, as so many times you read such a one sided stance on the ‘right’ way to feed. It has feeding and winding positions with helpful pictures, washing and sterilising information to milestones in feeding and sleeping.
She writes in such a way that it’s so easy and it won’t make you feel patronised at all. It made me smile how she wrote about her three children, what went so successfully with Belle and Harry… and then there is Chester; with the struggles she had but different ways she overcame those struggles, which made her seem human and I felt made me trust what she was writing more. I just loved how she told you that yes this may work but it might not and you shouldn’t beat yourself up.

I’ve already pre-ordered her next book Truly scrumptious baby: My complete feeding and weaning plan for 6 months and beyond for when Baby Cullip is ready.

3. Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby: My adventures into motherhood book
. Sometimes it was nice to read something where my brain didn’t hurt from facts and new information about babies and pregnancy and Gi’s books were a perfect treat. Gi doesn’t sugar coat motherhood but at the same time doesn’t leave me wanting to scream and run for the door. I loved her honest account of parenting and the different situations that may arise and after following her instagram and youtube accounts for years it was nice to read the stories behind the screen. It was a book that I could not put down and enjoyed every page of.

4. The Unmumsy Mum book: This has been my go to book when having a long soak in the bath and wanting to relax. It made me laugh out loud on so many occasions. A friend recommended me this and I can see why. In the world we live in it is so easy to have an illusion of what motherhood should be and how perfect it can and should be and I just love her honest approach. That it is ok to have those thoughts and feelings that we would rather not share with others and after reading one of the chapters I turned to Jack and said “Do you ever think what on earth have we done?” and was kind of relieved when he replied “sometimes yes”. It is such an overwhelming experience at times and I liked that along with all the highs of instagram worthy moments, she spoke about lows and you are not alone in these thoughts.

5. First- time Parent: The honest guide to coping brilliantly and staying sane in your baby’s first year : A more factual book that a few of my friends all recommended when I told them I was having a baby. The Author is a mother of 3 that provides a great introduction to the highs and lows that are about to come and how you aren’t alone in thinking where do I begin?
It is full of checklists that I used to help me feel as prepared as I can be for the little ones arrival. It went through other useful items that were not essential but may be nice to have. We can easily over spend with our newborn babies and get way more than we need in those easily months so it was nice to make sure I had all the basics, along with the 9 million other baby grows that I just had to have because I liked the print.

It goes through the mind- blowing first few days and talks through how to care for your newborn and what they are likely to do but in a non patronising way. It talks you through ‘your wonderful postnatal body‘ and how you may physically and emotionally feel and what can help in your recovery which I think will be useful to refer back to. It goes through basic skills of a newborn so you know roughly what to expect to see or hear, sleep with an equipment list and helpful pictures that demonstrate how to swaddle successfully and how to settle your baby through the night. I enjoyed reading the chapter entitled ‘play‘ as it went through ways to stimulate your baby at different ages and the importance of getting out and not becoming house bound which from what I’ve read can easily happen. It has other chapters entitled : eat- with how often, how much, how long and just how exactly, grow, thrive, live, work, along with a contacts section for things that she discusses throughout the book. It was just such an easy book to read.



If you have any recommendations of books that I should add to my reading list during pregnancy then please let me know.

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