We’re having a …


…Wait lets start from the beginning…The 20 week scan!
The scan when you find out the big question… are you having a baby boy or a girl?
…If you choose to find out that is.

There was such a build up to this day. Lots of guessing, symptom researching all of the old wives tales to try and give me an insight, people guessing… everybody kept saying a boy. I am a very stubborn individual at times and the more I heard boy, the more I kept saying a girl. I found it hard when people questioned why I wanted to ruin the surprise for myself. “You only get one surprise like this in life”. For those that choose to keep it a secret, I completely understand and it must be wonderful not knowing and discovering as you give birth but for us, we wanted to find out. I couldn’t go there and not find out, luckily neither could Jack. It also stopped me from referring to my baby as ‘it’.

We always seem to arrive for our appointments with plenty of time to spare and usually headed for food before hand. Fast forward to being sat in the waiting room in the June heat trying to capture the tiniest bit of breeze from the scan as it moved from side to side. I was getting hot, dizzy and starting to feel sick and was ready to send Jack up to the counter to see what was taking so long when the door opened… My heart instantly dropped when the door opened and a couple came out red eyed and clutching each other. In that moment, I held Jack’s hand and just hoped that whether it was a boy or girl in my belly that everything was ok.

Our sonographer this time around was absolutely brilliant! She talked us through exactly what we could see on the screen and pointed out everything for us. “There are the kidneys” I had no idea what she could see, it was just a blob to me but I nodded attentively and absorbed each new part that she pointed out and checked was ok. She paused over each hand and foot whilst we counted carefully. We counted 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes, making her laugh so much so that she gave us a scan of one of the feet free of charge. Then we got to the moment…. Do you want to know? We looked at each other and nodded back at her and there it was on the screen for us to see. “There’s no missing that”… It’s a boy! 

I cannot explain how hearing that made me feel. I was so adamant that I was having a girl and pictured tutu’s and wellies (I once saw a little girl wearing this ensemble with rainbow coloured tights- Her Dad told me how she’d dressed herself that morning but I loved it!) All of a sudden my image was being taken over with images of muddy puddle splashes, football and dinosaurs. Before you say, I know all boys won’t like this but it was what I was now thinking about. My idea of motherhood was changed in a word. Jack was thrilled, already picturing the Chelsea football kit we’d be putting him in no doubt. As we watched him wiggle away on the screen my excitement over having a boy began to grow. I suddenly had a whole new train of thought I hadn’t considered. The more I think about it, the happier I am that we are having a boy.

Leaving the hospital we were so delighted, looking down at the scan pictures of our baby boy. I couldn’t stop repeating… it’s a boy, we’re having a boy! It was so nice to share the news with our family that were eagerly waiting. My mum was on standby waiting to add the colouring to my cupcakes that she was baking for me to take to work the next day.


“Pink or blue, What will it be?
Take a bite and you will see.”

My children were so eager to take a bite at the end of the school day and it was so nice to share my wonderful news.

Now I’m on the countdown until my gorgeous little boy arrives!


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