What to expect when you’re expecting… The Second Trimester


So the news is out… people now know the secret that I’ve had the joy of knowing for weeks. It’s so nice to be able to share your excitement with the world but with this also comes the ‘helpful’ advice and gruesome pregnancy experiences.

At first it was really overwhelming but now I’ve learnt to take everything with a pinch of salt. Everyone has good intentions… or at least I hope they do as they tell me their stories. It’s like they instantly want to share everything to help but don’t realise that sometimes it’s a little scary. Even my class had me:

A. in stitches, I mean the questions that 5 and 6 year olds will ask when you tell them that you’re having a baby is just hilarious. but

B. A little shocked and horrified with some of the things they said.

The topic of birth for the first two trimesters was just a no go. I didn’t want to think about it, talk about it, i just wanted to pretend that i’d sneeze, and out it would come. I told my class the day that it went out in the newsletter to parents, I think I was around 16 weeks at the time so I was still able to hide my bump well, although a few parents were starting to glance at my belly and then give me an odd hmm look, like “I wonder if…” luckily none of them did ask, but they did say that they had their suspicions after. Anyway, back to my class’s reaction… It was the shocked hands over mouthes gasps that they gave me that had me laughing straight off the bat. They are a wonderfully theatrical bunch. I explained when the baby would be here and how it didn’t affect them as they would have moved to the next class and then I asked the question…. Any questions? Well this was where it was hilarious for my Teaching Assistant and I. They asked the standard, “How did it get in there” Well I put it there, “Is it in there now I can’t see it?” Well that’s because it’s still growing. I’m going to get a lot fatter, “You won’t be fat it will just be a baby” This is something that I kept repeating as I looked in the mirror on those down days when nothing seemed to fit or look right on. Then a child put their hand up… “I got stuck Mrs Cullip” queue three others deciding now was a good time to share their birthing stories of how they all got stuck, one was arms first and the best…”Well I came out the sunroof”. One had an in depth knowledge of labour and started talking about how my eggs had to be fertile first and… well I cut him off and said how wonderful his knowledge was but I don’t think the rest of the class were quite ready for that yet, I’ll leave those sorts of questions to the parents over half term… Good luck and apologies…

My friends who are already mums were so helpful in sharing their advice and I am so grateful to them for allowing me to pick their brains on the questions that sometimes you’re just too shy to ask… I have learnt that your dignity goes right out the window when you’re pregnant. Boundaries? Who needs them? As the midwife whips your pants lower to put jelly on your stomach or when they explain how to do a pelvic floor exercise. I went to a class that showed you why it was so important…. If you listen to one thing…. Do your pelvic floors!

Trust me when I say, you will google lots! Well I did anyway. My history would make for an interesting read and probably a hilarious one to containing a lot of “Can I ____ when pregnant”, “Can I eat ____ when pregnant” or “Why is _____ happening when pregnant”
Pregnancy books and apps can be helpful in telling you whats to come (I’ll do a post on which ones really helped me  another day) but if you’re slightly early with say the boob leakage, well you haven’t read about it yet and instantly think that you’re going to die. I found Mums-net and NHS health were my ‘go to’ websites when googling to reassure me that no I am not dying, yes it is normal and it’s happened to lots of others too and you don’t need to be embarrassed but who are we kidding no one wants to admit these things.

The second trimester peak that people mention is true. It was the time when I started to get my energy back and was told a lot how ‘glowing’ I looked. I could now make it to bed time without feeling the need to nap at any and every opportunity. This was also the time when my cravings started. There seems to be a pattern to them as one is ice cold milk and two is strawberries with a lot of extra thick cream. My appetite altered and I’ve started to find it easier to eat a bigger lunch and smaller tea. Tight things became unbearable to wear. One night I wore a pre- pregnancy bra with an extender in the middle whilst we went out for tea….stupid stupid girl! Never again. It practically sliced me in half. Luckily I’ve now accepted that some things won’t fit and to not worry. I now have a ‘bad box’ where anything I try on that doesn’t fit goes and I’ll get them back out when everything shrinks back down… Here’s hoping.

16 weeks was the first time that I heard the baby’s heartbeat. Jack said it sounded like a dog barking! It is something that I now look forward to each time I go to my appointments and does start to sound more normal. It’s just a little sign that everything is ok and is such a magical moment to share with Jack. My belly button has been monitored very carefully throughout. I don’t know why I developed an obsession with it. I will confess it’s started to pop out!

I headed into the third trimester during my six weeks summer holidays and am currently enjoying a well earned rest and just immersing myself in baby things.

You’ll have to come back to see if we are having a boy or a girl….




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