The first trimester

12- 3

The first trimester (I didn’t even know what that really meant… Just a way of describing weeks 1 – 12 I now know). Some describe it as the worst stage… others say “oh you thought that was hard? Wait until you get to your third”… cheers, way to excite me.
It was such wonderful news that we’d waited for what felt like forever to receive. I just wanted to tell the world my amazing news but at the same time it was so lovely to have such a wonderful secret that only Jack and I knew.

When and how to tell people was something that was tricky for me. I really wanted to wait until I knew that everything was ok before I told people, it’s such a fragile time. With my job I wasn’t going to ‘announce’ my pregnancy for a few months to allow for my maternity cover to be organised. To prevent any of my class parents finding out via social media I also decided that we wouldn’t ‘announce’ it there either, and instead just chose to tell close friends and family in our own unique way as and when we saw them. It also kept our initial excitement going for a lot longer as different people found out. This way did make it a little tricky to remember who we’d told though, and when a friend I’d not seen for a while saw me and said congratulations, I wasn’t sure why!

The initial few weeks were, well who am I kidding, I still worry now that I could do something wrong. I have something so precious to us both and I am in charge, it is relying on me, and that can feel a little overwhelming. I knew that I wanted to document my pregnancy and ever changing body as I’d seen so many others do it so beautifully and I took to pinterest in hope of getting some much needed inspiration.

The major things people talk about in the first few weeks is the dreaded morning sickness! Luckily although I felt nauseas for the majority of the day I wasn’t sick. I found snacking helped and drinking plenty of water. People said ginger biscuits were suppose to help but I enjoy them anyway and didn’t want to risk devouring a pack daily ‘just because’ and opted for a homemade fruit salad instead that I could leave on my desk and pick at. I went off my cups of tea completely and I loved tea! I didn’t really have any other cravings in the beginning. I was tired all the time but my sinusitis didn’t help how rubbish I felt.

I can’t believe as I write this I’m well into my third trimester but stick around to read about the second trimester and the news of whether we are expecting a boy or a girl… 


My gorgeous maternity dress is from Dwell and Slumber

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