Lets begin…




For years now I’ve read blog after blog and have certain bloggers that I now talk about like they’re my friends, because that’s how reading their blog and sharing their moments has made me feel (This can’t just be me… can it?). I have loved reading their honest accounts of their unique takes on life. I have learnt so much from these women and always wanted to do it myself but just kept thinking What would I say? Who would want to read?

I tell the children in my class year upon year that they can be anything that they want to be (yes you can be a unicorn…. maybe in a play) because it’s so important to me that they have that self belief and yet I don’t seem to follow my own advice.
So here I am starting my own family lifestyle blog where I hope to share my antics as I embark into motherhood.

As soon as you see those two lines on the stick and have to double take and then get your waiting husband to hold the stick whilst you check what two lines means because all of a sudden you’ve forgotten, (even though this is the 50 millionth test you’ve taken- ok a slight exaggeration but it felt like it) there is a world of things you suddenly realise you have no idea about and don’t really know where to begin. It can feel really overwhelming as well as totally exciting. So now the countdown begins to November 4th 2017…

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